ABL material ???
- Jan 30, 2018 -

ABL  is a high-luster laminate available in a variety of shades. Its metallic foil enhances the ability to block while also offering a striking level of product differentiation. ABL's material provides a protective barrier and resilient bounce-back properties, which help the tube maintain shape and form while also creating a distinctive aesthetic effect with a surface so lustrous that it is reflective. With the look of metal and the feel of plastic, ABL  is a unique packaging differentiation that grabs consumer attention. Its exceptional barrier (EVOH and MPET) is available in six high-luster shades and helps protect from counterfeiting. ABL decoration options offer a distinctive brand image and vibrant shelf impact. There are various decoration options with ABL  including hot foil stamp, silk screen and flood coat printing. It provides a creative way to add glamour and superior protection to products. This brings a new dynamic to high-end consumer segments, far surpassing what any other laminate can offer.