Acrylic bottle cleaning precautions
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Cleaning matters: Acrylic bottle surface attached to the dust, garbage, oil and other substances, the correct method of cleaning is to use a soft cloth dipped in clean water gently wipe, and before wiping the bottle, you should first bottle The particles on the surface of the relatively hard foreign objects to be wiped away before they can wipe, or may be in the wiping process, because the friction of these hard objects, resulting in damage to the bottle surface.

Cleaning two: If there is oil on the surface of acrylic bottles and other difficult to clean the dirt soiled, we can use the soft non-stick diluted with warm water to dilute the center detergent to gently wipe, the use of detergents detergent and warm water soaking, Promote stubborn dirt on the surface of the bottle is easily erased.

In addition, when cleaning the acrylic bottle, we must also pay attention to look at the selection of the center of the detergent is easy, we must ensure that the use of non-solvent neutral detergent, it may be because the detergent solvent Corrosion causes the bottle to be damaged by corrosion during cleaning.