Align to the front get you a fortune
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Most people like oriented flip top cap for tubes both for round tube or oval tube. To make a round tube with an oriented flip top cap it depends on the tube thread. We need to control the direction of the thread while heading. I have explained this in one of my article.


What kind cosmetic tube should be assembled tube neck twice during production?


But for oval tube, it depends how you screw the caps. It only has two directions either opening aligning to the front or aligning to the back. If you start from the front, you get the opening align to the front. On the contrary, you get the opening align to the back.

The elliptical tube is different from the tube. He wants each lid to be aligned with the front row.


oval tube


plastic oval tube

However I just found an oval tube with a special tube thread. You can get the cap opening aligned to the tube front no matter how you screw this cap. This is better design. We are considering to make a mold for such oval tube. 

plastic packaging