Aluminum Plastic Tube
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Aluminum Plastic Tube

We know that plastic tube packaging can use a wide range of decorating technologies, which means the tube can show plenty of printing effect and appearance and finally result in brand building. Offset printing is usually used in the decoration and it allow the suppliers of cosmetic package to satisfy the demand from customers.

And the fact that decorating technology has seen its share of advancements only adds to what a brand can do with a tube. Printing is the best it has ever been and improved decoration seems to be one of the bigger trends in tube manufacture. There are now more colors, brighter colors and multi-layer foil with colors. In addition, equipping tubes with different types of head styles is another trend that’s on the rise.

For another method of tube decoration, we can say the pressure sensitive labeling. However, it has some drawbacks. With labels, a printer and its lead times have to be relied upon as part of the supply chain. So the decoration of plastic tube packaging do not only decide the appearance but also affect the delivery time.