Animal shaped cosmetic tube packaging
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Animal shaped cosmetic tube packaging

With that thought in mind, Perception Research Services (PRS) recently conducted a series of in-depth-interviews among consumers that regularly shop online, assessing their shopping for Health & Beauty Aids (such as vitamins, OTC medications, cosmetics, skin and hair care products). 


Across categories, one important dynamic of the online shopping experience is the initial search. Certainly, search processes can vary based on the site or the shopper’s intent (a mission to find a particular type of product, as opposed to browsing for what’s new or on sale). But in nearly all cases, the cosmetic tube package is a vital tool in performing the “de-selection” process, once the online shopper has conducted a search and arrived at the category of interest. 


In fact, the package may be more critical online with the cosmetic tube packaging included, because there’s a more level playing field than in physical stores: Both big and small brands are typically represented by one SKU - and larger brands find it harder to create “billboards” that dominate shoppers’ attention and become self-fulfilling in maintaining their category leadership. 


According to the result of the research, cosmetic tube packaging suppliers still have ways to go, to get the quick impression of the buyers, by creating new packaging with special material, showing effect on concepts.


Cosmetic Package is a critical parameter that decides whether a customer will buy the cosmetics. Especially, sales associates can not always describe the product features. In some case ,like the mass outlets, sales do not have chance to describe the product features from all dimensions. So an innovative product delivery system if significant to gain the attention from the customers.