beautiful nozzle cosmetic tube package
- May 05, 2018 -

beautiful nozzle cosmetic tube package

Cosmetic tube package for color cosmetic must stand out on the shelf by providing an appealing appearance, offering the application and artistic feelings.

It’s no secret that consumer behavior is directly impacted by the economy. And while the economy is indeed recovering, the effect on cosmetic consumers’ spending has not been immediate. However, it is happening. But what’s also happening, it seems, is that the cosmetics consumer has become increasingly practical, and more discerning.

According to a recent study, just 27% of shoppers surveyed said they made replacement purchases in color cosmetics, but avoided “splurge” products in 2010, down from 33% in 2009. In addition, 39% of those surveyed said they actively looked for sales and tried to only buy color cosmetics products on sale during 2010 versus 45% in 2009.

Even the female consumer spend less on the cosmetics, they want to keep the good quality for life, which means the cosmetics tube package with lower cost but high quality will help the dealer to decrease the cost and finally benefit the buyers by lower their expenditure.