Chinese cosmetics product consumption structure:
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Chinese cosmetics product consumption structure:

Skin care products: Skin care products are the fastest growing category market in the cosmetics market.

Shampoo and hair care products: The market capacity of shampoo and hair care products has become increasingly saturated, and the growth rate has started to slow down.

Make-up and modification products: The fastest-growing makeup products, BB and CC creams are most popular; the eye cosmetics market has seen significant growth in recent years.

Children's products: The children's products market continues to heat up.

Sun care products: Sun care products make the traditional off-season not light.

Anti-aging anti-aging products: Retain youth, anti-aging cosmetics will be more popular.

Sports cosmetics: In order to show the overall beauty, many consumers who like sports and bodybuilding want to prevent the appearance of sports products such as water loss, deodorant, sweat-proof, portable, moisturizing, and sterilization.

Medicinal cosmetics: such as acne water, freckle cream, acne cream, etc. The so-called "cosmetics" means that the combination of cosmetics and medicines is also attracting attention.

Green natural cosmetics: such as some natural nutritional cosmetics containing aloe vera, vitamins, or cosmetics using natural materials.