Compressing tube packaging grows
- Jul 04, 2018 -

People said that the packaging of the compression tube is growing rapidly due to below two reasons.

Reusable. Usually, the packaging of liquids uses the packaging of a plastic tube. Once the internal liquid is finished, the plastic tube can be easily filled. For example, one lady can easily fill the hand-gloss for the lips in one small lip tube, and then make another make-up to match the various occasions.


No need for secondary packaging. The manufacturer of a packaging package for squeezing pipes can produce pipes with different sizes and material to meet the requirements for power and liquids. And thanks to the existing methods of multiple printing and decorations, he can easily attract consumers with his outstanding appearance.


But in fact, for mass production, few factories will use reusable material for production. Thus, environmental protection is a problem for the compression tube packaging industry.