Cosmetic bottle recycling will change
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Often, the cosmetics are partly packaged in their containers when they are used up, while others are left on the streets, especially plastic bottles, for which the abandoned part is usually resold through a scrap collection station, On the other hand, some empty plastic bottles will not be changed directly to slicers, but to some shop managers and some unscrupulous elements, they passed Recycling bottles of genuine cosmetics fake raw materials to make huge profits, which is why most of the online cosmetics are false reasons.

Recently, however, some cities have started to set up plastic bottle recycling machines in public transport and subway stations. Of course, cosmetic bottles are also included. This not only improves the recycling rate but also reduces the costs of circulation and can even eliminate the bottle bottles from being used "Authentic packaging false raw materials," this black industry chain. But for waste recycle bins and some scavengers, they may have a huge impact, after all, many people now live in this industry, but good change often affects the interests of some people, and this is no solution thing.