cosmetic packaging-aluminium plastic
- May 02, 2018 -

cosmetic packaging

With the new technology and great development for the cosmetic packaging industry, people would pay more and more attention to the details about the packaging for the buyer and the manufacturers.

As a supplement to the emergence of flexible packaging is the impact on traditional cosmetic packaging one of the largest. But the flexible packaging compared to the traditional cosmetic packaging container, it is difficult to solve several problems: (1) can only be used once, can not seal repeatedly; (2) is unable to provide a variety of functional sealing; (3) compared to the outside of the unique style. These problems limit the development of flexible packaging, do that is only to supplement the bottle capacity or a small one of disposable packaging products.

The advantage of the bottle can be combined with flexible packaging of green light? The emergence of an innovative way of sealing has changed the way people think.

With the development of the flexible packagingWelding market on a sealing lid on the aluminum laminated plastic tube, it will be able to make the advantages of the bottle and bag packaging.

The color of the cosmetic packaging can choose, with the product packaging or the overall concept can help pass the unification, the brand deep Marketing Department, increase the purchase attraction, sizes drill pipe to choose, and can be customized