Cosmetic tubes is becoming fashion now
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Cosmetic tubes packaging has grown more mature over these years. And there are more new processes appear in tube packaging industry. For example, soft touch, full version of hot stamping, full-page printing, large color positioning tail, etc. These techniques are thought to be difficult to achieve in previously, but now with the improvement of the machines and the technical improvement of the engineers, they all come true.

huaxin CosmeticSqueezeTubes

Below beauty plastic tube with mirror is designed from the foundation palette. 

huaxin Skincaretube

But the lotion squeeze tube is always difficult to see various characteristics from the surface. In recent years, we are taking some concepts from bottles or other beauty packaging. Different cap models were developed on the tubes. Tube packaging becomes fashion and special.

Acrylic cover is more suitable for some high-end products. If your product is price-oriented, we will recommend that you choose these types of acrylic.



If your product price is relatively low, then we will also suggest that you use some of the new product lids from our company. There will be your favorite style.