cosmetics packaging in beauty industry
- Jul 04, 2018 -

HUAXIN's cosmetic cap


With the development and changes of the times, many cosmetic agents now care not only about how to sell their products, but also how to catch people's attention with fashion cosmetics packaging. Following the characteristics of the times, they pursue cosmetic packaging that is more conducive to sustainable development - converting consumer waste into new organic packaging.

Huaxin plastic laminated tube


HUA XIN plastic laminated tube

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At present, many cosmetic organizations have their own goals and responsibilities. They believe that global pollution should not become heavier because they have developed profits. There must be some ways to increase their sales while protecting the planet. After all, cosmetic packaging accounts for one-third of landfills and takes 1,000 years to break down. Therefore, environmentally friendly packaging has become a new trend.

Incorporate sustainable urban waste into corporate goals, for example, using cosmetic packaging to promote a renewable circular economy.

Moreover, our company has also obtained an environmental certificate, which has also been officially awarded by high-paying companies.

Huaxin cosmetic packaging


Organizations with the same green packaging concept are expected to unite and move towards sustainable development. Appropriate legislation can protect ingredients, improve strict green cosmetic packaging standards, and then ensure that consumers receive the desired quality cosmetics.