Cream bottle most suitable for wide mouth form
- Nov 09, 2017 -

At present, the cosmetic industry, the momentum of development is very rapid, due to a wide range of cosmetics, lotion, serum, cream and so on. Due to the different products, showing the bottle is also very different. However, in the case of cream bottles, the most common is the wide-mouth cream bottle. The wide-mouth cream bottle extends the unique advantages of a wide mouth bottle: it can make full use of the product without causing any waste.

Regardless of the type of cream bottle we use, the wide mouth bottle is the best choice for the degree of utilization of the product, vacuum squeeze, pump squeeze or hose, just before the cosmetic is exhausted, Its use process becomes a bit difficult and there is also some waste for the inner walls of the package, while the wide-mouth cream bottle does not have to worry about because of its unique bottle mouth design ensures that our fingers can touch the cream bottle Inside any corner, for the adhesion to the inner wall of the cosmetics can also be easily taken advantage of.

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