Custom Trends Toward cosmetic tube packaging
- May 26, 2018 -

Cosmetic hose packaging

Stock packaging suppliers have an in-depth understanding of the industry packaging trends, because the stock cosmetics packaging and packaging need attention to decorative details.

The appearance of luxury goods also leads to the requirement that cosmetic packaging look heavier. Although it depends on the brand, Lavrentieva pointed out that customers usually prefer glass packaging or very heavy plastic packaging because it “feels more luxurious”.

Now, glass jars have once again gained market share, which includes extensive use in cosmetic packaging and processing product packaging. The trend we see is heavy weighted heels or "iced" weight items. It exhibits a luxurious appearance by combing glass products with inherent weight and a thicker heel. Most importantly, consumers can get these products at a reasonable price, which means we can look forward to developing in the cosmetic hose packaging industry.