Customer Interest in Eco-friendly Beauty Tube
- Jun 04, 2018 -

Eco-friendly Beauty Tube Packaging

Supplier of cosmetics packaging said they have received lots of inquiries about the eco-friendly beauty tube packaging nowdays. At the same time, buyers of the skincare or beauty product will be well informed of the eco-friendly material.

Customers are increasingly interested in investigating the materials and processes used in manufacturing their packaging and developing packaging with sustainable benefits, without impacting the package’s on-shelf appeal. Paperboard packaging is well positioned for this demand as it is a recyclable packaging option that offers high print quality and graphic reproduction to promote brand equity.

Advancements in using eco-friendly materials from sustainable forests, or others such as recyclables, bioplastics, biodegradables and post consumer regrind board stocks, have all contributed to the recent wave of innovative, eco-friendly packaging trends in the beauty industry. But while brands may strive to emulate the successful approaches of icons, there’s no simple formula to a very complex process, and often they start by taking small steps. The best way to go about creating an eco-friendly line of packaging is predicated on the product, industry, and marketplace in which the products are sold.