Difference between Poly-foil laminate tubes and Aluminum laminate tubes
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Difference between Poly-foil laminate tubes and Aluminum laminate tubes


Aluminum laminate tubes :Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pcs

Poly-foil laminate tubes give packaging a lux, metallic luster.  The shiny, metallic finish adds perceived value to the package as it makes them out stand on the shelves.  


Poly-foil laminate tubes are multi-layered tubes with high barrier properties that keep product from UV, moisture, and oxygen exposure. These tubes guarantee high protection of your product and increase product shelf life. Sensitive formulas that contain SPF, whitening properties, essential oils, natural cosmetic and skincare formulations require packaging with barriers as these formulas can cause chemical reactions when packaged in a traditional tube.


Unlike aluminum tubes, poly- foil laminate tubes are un-deformable. Meaning, they will re-gain their original shape without creasing after being squeezed. This property makes them ideal for cosmetics as appearance adds perceived value to a product. They are also great for food, pharmaceutical products, toothpaste, hair-color, and glue.


Plastic laminate 3-5 layer tubes with EVOH barrier :Minimum order quantity: 10,000 pcs


Aluminum laminate tubes Similar to poly-foil laminate tubes but consist of no aluminum layer, instead, plastic laminate tubes include an EVOH barrier which protects against oxygen, chemical solvents, and essential oils. EVOH layer tubes are often used in food, cosmetic, skincare and pharmaceutical products.


The full structure of plastic laminate tubes includes:

Layer 1: LDPE (low density poly-ethylene)

Layer 2: Bonding agent 

Layer 3: EVOH barrier

Layer 4: Bonding agent

Layer 5: LDPE (low density poly-ethylene)


Aluminum tubes:Minimum order quantity: 30,000 pcs


Aluminum tubes are perfect for pharmaceutical, food, and personal care products with highest protection against water and oxygen. Aluminum tubes are collapsible and allow better controlled dispensing. Common usages of aluminum tubes are toothpaste, ointment, gels, hand creams, paints and adhesives.