Different Cosmetic Tube Tail Shapes
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Have you got this feeling?

When you are engaged in a certain industry, you will unconsciously focus on some information related to the industry?

Now, no matter if we go to the mall or some places, its realization has many brands of cosmetics. However, we don’t understand the brands of many products. Therefore, when the cosmetics are packaged, the girls do not understand the brands. Will always be attracted by the shape of the bread outside the cosmetics, such as some printing effects, styles, functions, colors, lids, seals and other shapes.

Why do you have this feeling, because I am one of them, so it is very important to choose the packaging material at this time.

Huaxin has been engaged in the hose industry for 10 years. Just a few years ago is also the tenth anniversary of our company. Our company uses automation equipment regardless of whether it is from machinery or equipment. Therefore, our model has many, heterosexual seals. There are also many molds in the tail. Although many cosmetic tubes exported are not sealed, compared to our domestic products, many manufacturers will choose the opposite seal.

Examples are as follows:

1. Vertical stripes/ribbed tails - Most tubes are sealed with this shape. Even the tail can seal your logo, lot number or expiration date.

Huaxin cosmetic tube

2. Vertical stripes with rounded tails - I like this one best. Because the rounded corners do not scratch the hand when used, the shape is also better.

bb cream 3.jpgbb cream 1.jpg

huaxin cosmetics hose

3.Arc shape tail

huaxin cosmetics hose


4. Vertical stripe tailpipe with holes - Through this hole or keychain, the tubes can be hung on the shelves and placed in your bag.


huaxin Cosmetics huaxin Lip Gloss Tube

5. A variety of animal shape tails: They look very cute and cute. It is very popular among children, students and young people.