Four major trends of cosmetic packaging
- Jun 30, 2018 -

Four major trends in cosmetic packaging

cosmetic packaging

For the cosmetics packaging market, there are four main trends in the label, and we should be clear and remember.

The first is the promotion of digital printing from other printing processes.

Another trend is to use complex containers.

Although some brands are increasing their forecast of container complexity, other brands are aggressively reducing and eliminating external containers. This trend and the increase in regulations that lead to more content have already marked the growth of expanded text labels. Sometimes referred to as a booklet or extended content tag, this type of pressure sensitive tag allows brands to share more product information in a smaller space.

Finally, promoting more sustainability is the driving force of new label technology.

Last but not least, sustainable development is the driving force behind label technology, a key part of cosmetic packaging.

There are some more complicated patterns. We can choose aluminum-plastic tubes to achieve better results. If you only need PE material, we can choose labeling to achieve the same effect.