How The Pearl Effect Show On The Cosmetic Tube
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Cosmetic Tube With Pearl Effect

During the packaging of cosmetic tube,there are lots of printing effects on the tube.But the pearl effect can reach a good show on the tube without printing because of this pearl actually is on kind of material to make the PE tube.


Nowadays ,people prefer the the packaging which have to enhance the color effect,the shinny light and the high-grade decoration.For example,we can easily see the colorful painting on the drawing of Africa painter or the cloth for the  Latin America.Sometimes we may surprise that how the color shinny the cloth for the opera perfomers are.On the one hand ,some of it is simple,peaceful and  gentle.From this principle,we invente the new technology for the tube which is with the pearl effect to make the tube looks shinny .


With the development of this new technology ,the pearl printing can easily paint the with the ink and it is better than before.You can improve your level of the tube which can looks good can sell in a high price .When you make the tube with different design style ,we can get a new view about the cosmetic tube evev relative to your products.


Finally,I can said that this is a chemical phenomenon lead to the development for the pearl tube,I mean the slight can passe through the transparent layer,and all the slight will be refracted out,that is the how the pearl show on the tube.