How to Choose Cosmetics Packaging
- Jun 30, 2018 -

          Lip Gloss Tube With Roll On 10ml

Today,I will recommend another hot sale item about lip gloss tube to you which ranked as Top 10 most popular commodities during these year in our business.

For this phenomenon, we do a lot of survey and sum up the reason as following:

1.    The roll on ball and perfect design of packaging allows for the features of your product.

2.    This small Lip Gloss Tube packaging are suitable for 5-25 ml small capacity products  especially suitable for lip gloss, Lip stick products

3.    The 10ml Roll On Lip Gloss Tube so delicate that easy to carry.

4.    The collocation of the red tube body and black cap is certainly a attractive appearance which  catch lots of comsumers eyeballs

5.    A popular container for perfumes too. Add a label to these mini roll on containers for a complete  packaging solution.

In conclusion, the 10ml PE plastic mini lip gloss tube with roll on containers could be an ideal way to display your lip gloss or lip stick.