How to decorate your cosmetic Packaging
- May 02, 2018 -

Metallized lids, label and hot stamping can get better cosmetic tube display effects than usual design.Especially graphics, the product effect make-up matalized more luxurious appearance.

Why go through the effort of hot stamping plastic, when metal pipes are available in the market? For metal pipes "they are not environmental, they wrinkle and they do not relax, they have the purpose of high barrier properties, they are a completely different animal".

Metallization is also frequently used to improve plugs and closures in a great way tube.A use a standard closure top tube dispensing as a point of improvement of a package is to use the decoration.

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, the pearlescent tube is another attractive option for the cosmetic tube packaging.With a hot stamping cap it will make the tube even more exclusive.