How to select the structure for cosmetic containers?
- May 08, 2018 -

How to select the structure for cosmetic containers?

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Generally, all cosmetic packaging, especially for the cosmetic tube, are customized according to clients' requirements. With the consultation of a customer, we can check our MOQ to satisfy customers then quote them a reasonable price. So here you are going to talk about how to choose a structure for cosmetic packaging.

If your products are normal cream color without any strong fragrance or irritating component, normal single-layer PE tube should be sufficient and cheaper than the plastic aluminum tube. Because the single layer tube is suitable for normal cream, including face wash, shaved face, cleaning shampoo, cleaning moisture, eye gel, hand care, skin care cream and the BB cream, CC cream and so on. This kind of cream is very smooth that the chemical reaction of the PE tube will not occur.

As for the strong fragrance or irritating ingredient cream, the test survey appears that you can not use the single-layer tube to fill because the chemical reaction will take place in the tube. This reaction will take the other material to the cream that will cause the product not classified.

Therefore, when the product reaches the PSF cream or the irritant cream, it is the best choice for the multi-layer tube than the single layer tube. It would be better to consider both the use of the tube structure and the price of cosmetic packaging.