How to use cosmetic vacuum bottle
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Cosmetic vacuum bottle if it is squeezed, then you need a bottle of material has a better choice, it should not be easy to break, it is best to choose a plastic material, not easily broken, and under pressure Is also relatively strong. In general, bottles containing cosmetics are bottle inside there will be a free-moving site, and then use the process will slowly move up, until the bottle is running out of things and then the tray will Near the top of the bottle.

Then open the lid, and then move the tray to the bottom of the push, should be many times the bottle rinse, because the skin care products are relatively clean, and then you can put it into the cosmetics, if the pressure is not big enough, then you can try With a lot of pressure a few times, and then you can more easily squeeze out the cosmetics.