Hua Xin newest product-dropper tube
- Dec 05, 2017 -

HUA XIN  Packaging has introduced a new dropper tube packaging that is convenient for users to travel with. The dropper aperture is made of glass-like PETG, which ensures the whole component can endure any impact, and the extra-strong pipette tip is is resistant to deformation or fragmentation through force.

Users can easily control dosage with the dropper aperture by gently placing the tube directly on the fingertips or palm, letting product flow along the pipette. With the benefit of a leak-proof design, hua xin  dropper features a special tip in its inner cap that completely covers the aperture, securing the product to avoid any leakage.

This dropper tube packaging is specially designed to ensure its functionality and is an ideal packaging vessel for eye drops, or treatment essence, thanks to its convenient form. It can also be used for: Eye Serums, Serums, Whitening Creams, Concealer Creams, Acne Scar Creams, Anti-Wrinkle Creams, and other liquid and lotions that require localized treatment.

hua xin  Packaging's new dropper tube packaging can be enhanced with a variety of decoration processes, incluing silk screen, bronzing, offset printing, labeling, flexographic printing, customizable plastic tube color, and many more.

Dropper tube packaging specifications

Model :Hua  Xin

Diameter -19mm

Capacity 10 ~ 20ml