Laser Printing Technology For The Plastic Squeeze Tubes
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Comparing the ink printing to the plastic squeeze tube,the laser printing must be more modern than that before.This technology mainly make by burning and etching to spurt the code.Burning which is a power to make the plastic tube absord the ink .


Etching, that is, using the appropriate laser energy melted the plastic part material surface, forming a groove. Of very fine after focusing laser light as knives, can remove surface material point by point, won't produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, so as not to damage the processed goods.In addition to general information tagging function, laser printing technology of anti-counterfeiting function is more significant. Laser printing technology's application in the Chinese market has just started, but because of its high reliability, low running cost, installation is simple and the characteristics of bar code printing precision, will win the broader market.


In the field for the plastic squeeze tubes,there are lots of company.Some companys' laser marking machine main series of YAG and CO2 series, adapted to the ABS material, epoxy resin, polyvinyl chloride, bulletproof rubber, polyurethane, glass and other materials of marking.