learn about the blowing process
- Mar 17, 2018 -

Understand the blowing process

According to the plastic material can be divided into PE blowing (more soft with a solid color, one forming), PP blowing (more solid with a harder, one-time forming), PET blowing (permeability is good, toner and hair products are more , is an environmentally friendly material, twice forming), PETG blowing (transmission brightness is even better than PET, but not commonly used in China, high cost, high product fee, once formed, non-recyclable materials) less.

Combination form: blown bottle + plug (PP and PE material commonly used) + cover (PP and ABS and acrylic commonly used, there are electroplating, and anodized aluminum, spray oil lotion used) or pump head cover (used essence and emulsion often used ), + Chiu cover + flip cover (clamshell and Chiteng cover are used for large circulation lines).