Lip Gloss Tube Packaging
- Jun 30, 2018 -

Lip Gloss Tube Packaging

No matter the single tube or the latest tube-within-a-tube, more lip care products use more tube packaging now, which is widely used in the skincare lotion or facial cleansing cream. The tube-within-a-tube is fresh to lots of customers and its specialty to dispense two formulations for dual benefits will help to develop new market. And obviously, this heat up multi-tasking lip gloss tube with better aesthetics will get larger advantages.

Tube-within-a-tube package offers the flexibility to deliver multiple benefits and unique visual aesthetics. The tube-within-a-tube allows for two unique formulas to be applied simultaneously. Vignone says in the center tube, Verla creates unique patterns of color with medium to full coverage packed with ultra-rich moisturizers and actives for advanced moisture retention. The outer tube is filled with either an optical brightener, light reflecting sparkle or intense high shine gloss. 

There is now an innovative tube launched by ICS. In details, it is a 19mm diameter tube with multifunction pack means it can pack more that lip product, it can also pack sunscreen,concealer and foundation. The tube packaging also has slant head applicator for lip gloss and a unique duo cap which can house a space for the other formulation of lipstick or lip gloss.

With the growing realization of environment protection, the demand for skincare packaging with sustainability is increasing. In the meantime, some consumer is looking for products that are Vegan or Cruelty-Free. You may not strange to these two words, but many people thought these two terms are referring a same meaning. So we are giving a clear explanation today.