Message Head Lip Gloss Tube is a new cosmetic packaging
- May 22, 2018 -

According to the cosmetic packaging market requirement, we launch a new series of product 

Message Head Lip Gloss Tube. 

This message head tube is round in D19mm can be customized as silk screen printing, 

offset printing, hot stamping or labeling as customer's request.

Massage Head Lip Gloss Tube looks very upscale and electroplating. 


But most importantly, users experiences are excellent. 

On the one hand, when the users squeeze the lip gloss tube, the content can flow out 

from the pore slowly which save the unnecessary consumption. 

On the other hand, Message Head can message the soft lip skin and help relax muscles.

D19mm Massage Head Lip Gloss Tubes 5ml15ml25ml

The message head lip gloss packaging can be printed as clear, transparent, white, black 

or customized different color as you like. 



The head material is optional too, Ceramics or zinc alloy. 

Zinc alloy head can be made as different colors.

D19mm Massage Head Lip Gloss Tubes

This new arrival Lip gloss tubes are suitable for small capacity products, it's easy to 

carry, it especially suitable for lip gloss, Lip cream products,or Lip skincare products. 

With unique appearance and high quality, it is an excellent choice for superior lip 

skincare products.