My understanding of cosmetic tubes
- Jun 14, 2018 -

From paper packaging to cosmetics packaging, I found that their production process is similar, but there are still some obvious differences. Let's briefly introduce some differences between paper products and cosmetic tubes.

In printing:

The basic printing of paper-based packaging is handled before other complex decorations (such as laminating and varnish), but for special materials or inks, there is time to make oil and then do another; but before the machine prints Cosmetic tubes are usually coated with oil to increase their own adhesion.

In bronzing:

Paper packaging is flat printing. Its material is relatively smooth, making hot stamping easier. Therefore, the loss of production of paper packaging is easily controlled. However, due to cylinder printing, the hot stamping cosmetic tube has a large loss of production.

There seems to be no relationship between the two industries, but many things are similar when we study. Maybe many people understand that these two industries are completely different, materials, and even crafts are also not the same, but there are also many similar places, and now I am full of confidence in the cosmetics packaging industry, I gradually understand this, such as daily use of the ellipse Shape skin care tubes, lip gloss tubes, brush tubes, PBL lotion tubes, nozzle gel tubes, and cosmetic pump tubes.