New dates for cosmopack cosmetic tube
- May 03, 2018 -

Cosmoprof cosmetic tube, the world’s leading beauty tradeshow, is on the way of transformation after the full reorganization of the floor plan last year. It is trying its best to fulfill the demands from the professionals.

Cosmoprof Worldwide, which is held annually in Bologna, Italy, is the most important trade platform for the beauty industry and a global hub for the European, Asian and North American markets. Just considers that 69% of the exhibitors - 1,600 out of 2,300 - come from foreign countries. This unrivalled globalization is the show’s main strength.

Another important asset is the Cosmoprof brand itself. Cosmoprof is famous worldwide as the oldest and most important event for the cosmetics industry. Whatever their main interest, beauty industry insiders know they will find what they are looking for among the variety of product categories and sectors that are showcased under one roof at Cosmoprof, which hosts several shows in the shows: for packaging, hair products, natural beauty products, etc.

Famous the cosmetics industry, the oldest Cosmoprof brand itself is one of the most important assets. And Cosmoprof marks some important events in the history of cosmetic tube too. No matter what the main interest is, beauty industry insiders know that they can clearly find the what they want in the showcase of the old Cosmoprof, who host shows for packaging, hair products, natural beauty products.