Packaging Decoration Silk Screening Printing
- Dec 08, 2017 -

screen printing is a rising image printing method suitable for soft packaging materials. This printing effect can offset printing more clearly, finely and greatly enhance the design making it more diverse. These are some of the the advantages of screen, among others. Nowadays flexo has becomed one of the world's most common printing methods.

screen  printing also develops flexibility, its more economic, its environmentally friendly, more colourful, high adhesion and so on…

Flexo can be printed on a variety of tubes!

In short, the choice of flexible packaging printing methods, not only to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different printing methods, from cost, quality and other considerations, but also according to the characteristics of the substrate, for example, flexographic printing equipment investment is relatively less, and gravure The equipment is generally more expensive.

Also, it can be used with: silk screen, bronzing and many others.

Generally, the printing equipment is expected to meet the following requirements: (1) capable of handling printing materials of various performances; (2) capable of achieving ideal printing quality; (3) given that flexible packaging products are mostly produced in large quantities, (4) The overall energy consumption of the equipment should be low; (5) From the perspective of environmental protection, the equipment should adopt a closed structure and have a waste solvent recovery device.