Plastic cosmetic composite hose
- Dec 08, 2017 -

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At present, plastic hoses commonly used in cosmetic packaging mainly include aluminum-plastic composite hoses, all-plastic composite hoses and plastic coextruded hoses, which can meet various needs of cosmetic packaging such as hygiene and barrier properties.

1. Aluminum-plastic composite hose

Aluminum-plastic composite hose is aluminum foil, plastic film after coextrusion process composite sheet packaging design, and then processed by a special tube into a tubular packaging container, the typical structure of the PE / PE + EAA / AL / PE + EAA / PE With the continuous improvement of technology, the thickness of aluminum foil barrier in aluminum-plastic composite hose has been reduced from the traditional 40μm to 12μm digital printing, even 9μm, which greatly saved resources. Printing inspection

Aluminum-plastic composite hose in use has the following advantages.

(1) high barrier properties: aluminum foil with sunshine, oxygen barrier and water barrier and other barrier properties, on the one hand can prevent the intrusion of external substances inside the cosmetics to prevent oxidation of cosmetics deterioration, but also to prevent moisture or fragrance cosmetics and other ingredients through Hose diffusion to the outside world, so as to ensure the quality of cosmetics.

(2) low cost. To achieve the same barrier properties, the aluminum-plastic composite hose is less costly and cost-effective than the all-plastic composite hose and plastic co-extruded hose.