Plastic laminated tube
- May 05, 2018 -

Plastic laminated tube

Plastic Laminated Tube is a completely new product, so the material (PE) is the same as the traditional plastic compression tube, it has two obvious advantages:

1. Using CMYK printing, which could present the complex picture of better, as people face, flowers and landscapes, etc. before the plastic laminate tube was invented, the only tube a labeling could show the complex picture with high definition, while other extrusion tubes were using the printing of tones that could not the achieve. In addition, the cost of plastic rolled tube will be lower than the tube labeling when the demand is big.

2. Plastic Laminated Tube could be printed in the full plate, in other words, its tail and the place of connection of the shoulder can also be printed. By this method, the printing can be presented as the color of the tube, the color tube replacement. As a result, the process becomes simple and the tube's prospects become more magnificent.

Cosmetic tube Cosmetic packaging


Plastic Laminated Tube are used by many famous cosmetics brands; it will become an inexorable trend to be widely used. huaxin has concentrated in the study of this production for a period of time. Now we are proud to say that we own the core of its welding technology and could guarantee its stable quality. We are the pioneer of plastic rolled tubes.