pump function
- Mar 17, 2018 -

A. Lotion pump head (for emulsion content, such as lotions, shower gel, shampoo)

B, spray pump head (contents suitable for water properties, such as spray, toner)

3, according to the appearance of points

A, with a cover pump head, the cover plays a protective role. (Partially used for products with smaller capacity) Less than 100ml.

B. Non-covered pump head, with special design, can be locked, it will not flow out of the contents due to extrusion, and it has a protective effect and is easy to carry. cut costs. (Products with partial capacity comparison.) More than 100ml, the daily pump heads for shower gels and shampoos are mostly without cover.

4, according to the production process

A, electroplating pump head

B. Electrolytic aluminum pump head

C, plastic pump head

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