Sixth, tube with the degree of requirements
- May 08, 2018 -

Sixth, with the degree of requirements

 1, with the degree of tightness Torque test (applicable to thread fitting): When the hose mouth is tightened with a twisting torque of 10kgf/cm, the hose and cover are not damaged and do not slip. Capping force (applicable to cover hoses): moderate opening force 2. After fitting, hoses and covers are not skewed. 3, after the hose cover is fitted, the gap is uniform, and the barrier feel at the gap is touched by hand. The maximum gap is within the range confirmed by both parties (≤ 0.2mm). 4, sealing experiment: After the hose is installed with a capacity of about 9/10 of the maximum capacity, cover the cap (the inside plug is to be fitted with the inner plug) and put it in a vacuum desiccator and vacuum it to -0.06 MPa for 5 minutes without leakage. ; Fill the water according to the net content specified in the container, tighten the lid of the tube and lay it flat at 40 °C for 24 hours without leakage.