The advantages of aluminum plastic hose
- Dec 07, 2017 -


Compared with the packaging of other products, cosmetic packaging in the water and oxygen on the higher requirements.

Due to the presence of enzymes, if the water in the fat is increased, it will cause the hydrolysis of the fat and accelerate the autoxidation, provide the living environment of microorganisms and reduce the vitality of certain components, thus preventing the invasion of outside water. In addition, some powder products to prevent the absorption of water caused by caking, hardening deterioration. Some water-based products are used to clean the skin, it must be maintained within a certain period of time to maintain a certain moisture content, it should also prevent the moisture inside the cosmetics to escape.

Oxygen is the most important factor that causes cosmetics rancidity. Most cosmetics contain oil components, unsaturated bonds in oils are easily oxidized and cause deterioration, that is rancidity. The oxidation of this unsaturated fat is a chain (free radical) reaction. As long as a small portion of them starts to oxidize, it can quickly lead to complete spoilage of the fat, resulting in a decrease or failure of the product. Therefore, cosmetics in the production, storage and use of the process should try to avoid the occurrence of rancidity, stop oxygen from entering.

Taken together, plastic composite hoses have the advantage of being difficult to compare with many other materials. Aluminum-plastic composite hose has excellent barrier properties, and multi-layer composite hose through the design of a reasonable material structure can achieve the same water blocking, oxygen barrier, smell odor or odor escape effect. Therefore, a variety of plastic composite hose has become an indispensable form of cosmetics and packaging.

In the recent years, the composite hose is widely used by many well-known brands, such as the compound hose package in the expensive SK-II skincare products in China. In the sunscreen market, including brands such as Lancome are extensive use of hose packaging , hoses, can be said that the last two years the cosmetics market, one of the most popular forms of packaging.

Hair cosmetics, hair removal cream, toothpaste and other packaging; The pharmaceutical industry is mainly used for cleaning cream, facial cleanser (milk), shower gel, shampoo, shampoo, conditioner, hair dye, bureau ointment, used for creams, ointment topical ** packaging.