using original PE-a recyclable material for our tubes
- Jun 14, 2018 -

The size of the ABL tube (aluminum-plastic composite tube) (diameter from D16mm to D60mm) is very flexible, covered and printed. However, due to the presence of a layer of aluminum in the middle, it is currently difficult to say that it is a recyclable pipe. Therefore, from time to time we receive from customers the question of aluminum tubes, not ABL tubes. Sorry, we can't produce this tube in our factory.

If you really care about recycling problems and like the printing options of ABL, you can change to PBL tubes (plastic laminate tubes) or PE tubes. The material of the PBL tube is made of PE and can be printed and then welded. Therefore, CMYK can be printed with a very complicated design.


Our PE pipe and PBL pipe material is PE, which can be recycled for other products such as furniture.

In order to maintain product quality and avoid the risk of sealing, we no longer use recycled polyethylene in our factories. All of our raw materials are fresh and original. This is very important. Imagine that when you import a tube in a filling plant, the tube does not seal well; imagine that if the product ruptures after several months of storage. This will cause huge losses to your sales and brand image.