What Decides The Price Of Cosmetics Packaging
- Jul 30, 2018 -

In foreign trade, China's  export price of cosmetic packaging principle is that in carrying out based on the principles of equality and mutual benefit, according to the international market price level, combined with the country (region) policies, and operating in accordance with our intention to determine the appropriate price.  


In addition to determining thexport commodity prices should also follow the principle of considering the following factors: 


The most essential factor is the material of the tube,people would prefer the PE or PP.Actually,PE also can be divided into three types of PE material,that is LDPE,MDPE and HDPE.


LDPE ,Low density polyethylene which is used to make the tube require soft touch effect,it is in a high flexibility to against the extrusion.there are lots of other advantages for the LDPE,such as good electrical insulating performance ,chemical performance, scalability, good impact resistance performance and so on .MDPE cannot reach the soft effect for the tube ,it is also not so good than the HDPE,so we just use it to make the cosmetic packaging when we hope the tube can be more hard than the LDPE.However,peple may intend to fill the paste with tube which looks in a strong shaped sense .Only the HDPE can meet customer 's requirements.The function which including insulation resistance, abrasion resistance, waterproofness and chemical resistance .All this advantage make the HDPE better than the other.So you can see that the different requirement of the material is the most important factors to the impact of the  price cosmtics packaging .


Secondly,the size for your products is a key factor to the price.Only when you decide which size you need then the price can be finally settled down.It is very easy to understand that different size match with different price .For the cosmetic tube ,we can make the tube diameter from 13mm to 60mm,and different diameter of the tube can customized diferent length in a all kinds of price .Thus ,never ignore the size you choose and be sure that size is suitable for you !


Thirdly,the  requirement for your artwork content split,I mean your typography  is simple or in a complex group edition.I 'm sure you can easily understand the complicate typography must expensive than the simple one.


Actually ,the color is a crucial factor to the price of the cosmetic tube packaging .If you choose the color tube ,we need to add the masterbatch you require to the PE or PP material.Of course ,I need to buy the masterbatch,so the price is also different than the white tube.


Last but not least,the printing ,that is doubt that there are all kinds of printing ,such as the common printing : offset printing ,silk printing ,flexible printint or even labeling paper.This all printing style must be in  a different price to every parties.


Finally,the quantity sometimes plays an key role in the price.Usually ,we can recieve the massage from the manufacturers ,the always said that if you place a large order ,we can give you a big discount.I want to said it is the common condition and we have to do that ,because we need to make the maximize to make full use of resources.So when you place an order ,be sure your order is in a maximize value.


General speaking ,all the above factors will affect the final price of the cosmtic tube packaging .Only when we ive full consideration to the every details factor to the cosmetic tueb packaging ,can we do a good thing with the limited resources.