What is hot stamping process?
- Dec 04, 2017 -

hot stamping, This process is widely used in cosmetic packaging materials, because he does not use ink, clean environment, while plastic, glass, paper and other materials, bronzing process in plastic bottles, glass bottles, cartons and other cosmetic packaging material surface Have applications, he is an important part of the package material processing technology, here we briefly introduce the process knowledge of bronzing

hot stamping is a kind of special printing process without ink. The so-called bronzing refers to a certain temperature and pressure under the foil stamping to the substrate surface process. Hot stamping of aluminum shows a strong metallic luster, colorful eye-catching, never fade. Especially the gold, silver and aluminum, with its magnificent, exquisite decoration embellishment of the surface of the print, and enhance the artistic Tangshan Jade India printed, played a prominent theme of publicity; its brightness greatly exceeded the Indian gold and silver , So that products with high-end feel and give the United States to enjoy. At the same time, because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, the aluminum foil plays a role of protecting the printed products. Therefore, the bronzing process is widely applied to high-grade and exquisite packaging, decorating trademarks, calendars, books and magazines covers, etc. Second, the hot stamping A very wide range of people, from the general book covers, trademark designs, advertising, plastic products to Riyongbaihuo, from paper to leather, cotton, etc .; then bronzing is a dry processing methods, the workpiece immediately after the bronzing packaging, transport. Therefore, bronzing technology is currently widely used pre-press technology, the scope of application of hot stamping is still expanding.