what is label cosmetic tube?
- Jul 07, 2018 -

1. Labeling tube is using planographic, it can show all kinds of complicated printing and colorful images very vivid, such as printing fruit design, pictures, plants and other complex patterns.

2. Customer can choose labeling by themself or labeling by us

3. According to different effects, the paper material, labeling tube has "paper label, PE label and aluminum label" three kinds of material, tube can be stick a single label, positive and negative double label and double layer label.

4. According to the different display effect, distance labeling, overlapping labeling, label covered tube tail, and label uncovered tube tail

5. Mostly used for big diameter tube like 45mm-60mm

6. Tubes can be customized to different tube color and printing way


eye essence,hand cream,lotion,cream,washing form,personal care products,adhesive,fluid candy,sauce and oils packaging.