Why Choose Tubes?
- Jun 26, 2018 -

Why Choose Tubes?


Tubes have been increasingly used among cosmetic, skincare, and cosmeceutical products because of their portability and efficiency. According to Mintel Global New Products Database, in 2012, nearly 40 % of newly launched U.S cosmetic and skincare products were packaged in tubes.


Tubes are more hygienic than jars. Although tubes are not airless, they can keep products out of cross-contamination because users only contact with the amount they use each time.

The economics of tube packaging can benefit brand greatly in the race to bottom. The cost to produce tubes is cheaper than to produce airless bottles, that makes tube packaging is the perfect choice for new product launching and the start up.


Tube packaging is a good fit for almost any beauty products, even with sensitive formulations. Tubes have proved their efficiency for a long use of biotech, pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic products. High protective EVOH barrier tubes and barrier poly-foil tubes can protect sensitive formulation against light, moisture and oxygen.


We offer a wide range of decorative technique for tubes that allows brand to stand out against competition. Unlike traditional airless bottle, tubes also offer offset printing, which is more precise than silkscreen and allow printing half tone artwork. Another printing technique is heat transfer, which allow printing a 8 color digital label on the tube. Tubes also can come with almost any size customers need.