Why Should The Cosmetic Packaging Tube Be Coating
- Jul 10, 2018 -

Cosmetic Packaging Tube

There are almost more than one half of the cosmetic company purchase the cosmetic packaging tube in China,which is a large and faster development economical country.The majority of the cosmetic packaging tube should be coating for better quality.Here are the sweet tips for why the tube coating .

In the past,manufacturers produced the tube normally with a low level of the tube.That is extruding the tube first and then printing ,next is the tail seal and foil seal ,the final step is screw the cap on the tube and packaging .When the product comes to the customer or just to the bottling plant,people found a big problem which is the printing is very easy to drop out of the tube play.People make a great effort to solve this problem,finally found a good technology idea which is coating for the tube .Only when coating for the tube ,so that protect the tube and keep a good printing effect without dropping out anymore.This is a new technology  process in the cosmetic tube packaging industry .


However,there are some different for the coating with different printing style.For instance,people need coat first when choosing the silk screen printing .This is protect the tube first so that can protect the tube without scratched trace.As for the offset printing ,it is different ,it is required coating after printing ,because the tube should print and make the print ink was absored on the tube and then coating as a protection to get the better effect.


In a word ,no matter which printing style you choose ,it is very essential to coating on the tube to protect the tube and get the good printing effect for the cosmetic packaging tube.It is obvious that coating not only solve the problem and also protect the tube,it can get a good effect for it .That is why the coating should be pay into for the tube.