Acrylic Emulsion Bottle Convenient Display Products
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Many cosmetics manufacturers, the products are used in emulsion acrylic emulsion bottle to make primary packaging, these manufacturers are using latex bottles this material in the product packaging, the fundamental reason lies in the characteristics of acrylic materials, which can meet the requirements related to the product of emulsion emulsion bottle, also are fancy bottles of acrylic material the interior of this convenient display emulsion product features.

Acrylic emulsion bottle is in the application of the display, convenient internal products, mainly because the acrylic material with high transparency, light transmission rate can reach 92%, so that it can ensure that the latex bottles made from appearance is transparent, can be directly observed from the external to the internal state of emulsion bottle specific emulsion products the acrylic material and because the transparency is very high, even the lotion bottle very thick, but still able to maintain high transparency with the convenient display inside the emulsion.