Automation Changes In Cosmetic Tube Workshops
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Actually, more than ten years ago, under the premise that the machines were not automated, many of the machines in the factory needed to be done manually. At that time, the Chinese labor force was not so scarce. Many old workers would introduce their friends or neighbors to the factory. Go to work.

After all these years of development, we all know that people cannot be recruited in many places. The labor force is also a major problem in our factory. To solve the problem, our company started buying some automated machines several years ago, and passed the engineers of our factory. The refitting, many of our factory's machines also apply for their own patents, more efficient production.

After returning from the Spring Festival holiday this year, our company’s singles left some last year. In order to better provide customers with an earlier delivery date, our company’s machines are also in production for 24 hours, so recently our factory has newly purchased a fully automatic machine. The header machine and a 6-color offset press serve as a better service for us.

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