China Cosmetics Packaging Situation Briefing
- Nov 09, 2017 -

After China's accession to the WTO, global brand management has become an important strategy for international competition in enterprises. Issues such as brand development, brand education and brand innovation are increasingly valued by domestic enterprises. Although there is no rich brand management experience in international brands, there is a lack of successful brands Operation of the management methods, but Chinese ethnic enterprises are still constantly exploring, innovation and development.

Take the cosmetics and detergent industry as an example. Although there is an impression of white porcelain bottle with iron cap, antique and economical "Big Friendship" cream in people's minds, this one was once famous in the 80's in the world with 100 million Million customer old brand, and now only by virtue of the ever-reduced consumer groups to maintain its meager sales.

Faced with the intervention of foreign information, the use of new technologies, the emergence of new products, and the overwhelming packaging and promotion, its purpose is only one - competing for every hesitant customers, the extremely rich in the goods today, not Change, not innovation, we must be eliminated.