Cosmetic Tube Packaging Using Metal Material
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Luxury goods are an important part of cosmetic hose packaging and can directly determine whether some consumers will spend on it. The use of precious metal exterior parts can increase the luxury of cosmetic bags.

Stainless steel not only gives the package a "precious" appearance, but also has a cool tactile feel that is not achievable with metalized plastic parts. Another important aspect of luxury-related products is weight. Stainless steel is nearly three times heavier than aluminum and seven times heavier than plastic. In addition, it can be 100% recycled without losing any of the original quality characteristics (even if sanitary surgical equipment can also be made from recycled stainless steel).

Two effective methods for exclusive review of cosmetic tube packaging are glass bead blasting and color spray painting. Metal is the best material for cosmetic tubes to generate perceived value. Adding metal to the package is the perfect way to blend the style and touch elements of fashion and jewelry with aesthetics.