Cosmetics Bottle Market Both Inside And Outside
- Nov 09, 2017 -

As a domestic cosmetic bottle business, a large number of orders over the years mainly come from the European and American markets, from a number of cosmetics manufacturers in Guangzhou Bo City and Yiwu set up booths can be seen, for example, some 80% of perfume bottle manufacturers orders are from the foreign trade market.

With the economic crisis in Europe and the United States, the overseas cosmetics market has shrunk, the domestic cosmetics companies emerging with e-commerce and other emerging gradually rise, coupled with the second and third tier cities increasingly mature cosmetics market, domestic cosmetic bottle orders recently increased more rapidly, some cosmetic bottle companies began Gradually shift the market power point gradually to domestic.

In addition, although the overseas cosmetic market is affected by the economic environment, the orders from China's bottled cosmetics network are not affected by orders from high-end cosmetic bottles. For example, orders for products such as crystal perfume bottles rise or fall, so foreign cosmetic bottles Market needs both good.