Development Of Cosmetic Plastic Bottle Packaging
- Nov 09, 2017 -

China cosmetic plastic packaging industry has great potential for development.With the rapid development of China's cosmetics industry and the packaging industry, cosmetic packaging materials in the future "to plastic glass" trend has been established, China's cosmetics packaging industry is far higher than the GDP growth rate is rapidly Growth, it is estimated that the market size of the cosmetic plastic packaging industry will exceed 16 billion yuan in 2012. According to the forecast of Diesel Consultants, the average annual growth rate of demand for the plastic packaging industry in China in the next five years will exceed 15%.

The value chain of cosmetic plastic packaging industry focuses on both product design and channel service. Cosmetic plastic packaging industry has been from the early stages of development rely solely on the yield and price advantage to win the model to the comprehensive service model changes, the cosmetics packaging industry competition for foreign investment to occupy the high-end, gradually increasing the domestic leading share of the international cosmetic plastic packaging giant goal of the main position In the global high-end market, domestic-funded enterprises are mainly positioned in the domestic market, and the market share of leading domestic enterprises is expected to gradually increase in the future.