Exclusive Aluminum Tube From Factory Direct Sale
- Feb 27, 2018 -

Exclusive cosmetic aluminum tube from factory direct sale

GUANGZHOU HUAXIN PLASTIC PRODUCT CO.,LTD is a leading global online manufacturer & wholesale supplier of the latest plastic  tubes.Our products are  used in cosmetics,  food,medinine,industry and so on.Located in Guangzhou, China,our company was founded in 2008.Now,we have a great boom and the amount of the employees reach more than 300.Our commitment is to provide a range of high quality,low prices along with a class-leading customer service experience to our worldwide customers.

Setting up business with us is considered as the smart choice.Now we put forward some exclusive cosmetic aluminum tubes so contact us right now if you take a special liking to our products througt the following pictures.The aluminum tubes are widely usded as food tubes,ndustrial tubes,cosmetic tubes .They are usually 5 layer tube so they have good gases trap performance ,can effectively prevent the oxygen and peculiar smell of infiltration and content ,fragrance and effective ingredients infiltrates.We have passed SGS certificated,one hour reach GUANGZHOU port.This is how we keep quality and competitive prices for global valued customers.