How To Deal With After-sales Issues?
- Apr 07, 2018 -

How to deal with after-sales issues:

In fact, no matter what industry we do, although our inspections are all 100%, there may be some inevitable problems. So when we encounter these problems, how does our factory handle it?

Before the production, we will confirm with the customer again. After the customer confirms, we start the order, the production is all right. When the product is delivered to the customer, the customer says that after installing the product, there is a problem. Then, come and ask us, we can Provide a quality inspection report and see if it is our problem. Ask the customer to send us a sample. After confirming that it is caused by our production, we will produce a batch for you for free. The production period is also the fastest. Fines will be imposed on colleagues in the production line to prevent this from happening again.